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Houston's top Christmas Party Entertainment

How do I Reserve a Date?
Call 281 300-8515 or email EJ.Nolan@Comcast.net right now to check our availability.  Popular dates are snapped up early.  Let us know how many guests you expect and the location of the venue, if known.  We'll give you a quote.  To hold the date, a 50% Deposit is required.  You can use either a check or credit card.  The balance is due at the start of the performance. 
Each Table competes as a team to discover clues, interrogate the actors, and uncover the Mystery Solution.  The more they collaborate, and the better questions they ask, the more likely they are to come up with the Most Correct Solution.  To encourage "Thinking Outside the Box" we also offer a Prize for the "Most Creative Solution" - which often incorporates your company themes or Conference buzzwords etc. Die Laughing Mysteries Team Building builds trust, comaraderie and shared experience through enjoyable interaction.

Die Laughing Mysteries are ideal for team building activities, and we mean really fun team building activities, like team building games, ice breakers for meetings. We’re full of fun team building ideas and team bonding activities. Our corporate team building games and team building exercises are great games for small groups. Free up group-thinking with ice breakers and fun group activities and team activities. Human resources professionals find our team building activities and icebreaker games great seminar and conference ice breakers and icebreakers for staff meetings. Die Laughing teamwork and team bonding games and excercises are fun, interactive entertainment and character building activities. Die Laughing team bonding activities will boost employee morale and encourage thinking outside the box as team members collaborate to play the games. It’s Houston’s Top Corporate Entertainment.


How Much You Want For That?
Our Mysteries are priced based upon the size of your group. We have played for groups ranging from 10 to over 250.
Prices start from under $1000 for a small group (under 20) THERE IS NO TAX ON OUR PERFORMANCE! There's a flat production and performance fee for most groups up to 50 guests. Call for a Quote.
For larger groups, or just more entertainment, we add a Celebrity Detective to spread the fun around, which adds about 25% to the price. Larger rooms may require a PA System, which we can also provide. If you'd like dancing, we can provide one of Houston's top DJ's from A Better DJ at a substantial Discount.
Custom Scenarios can also be written by one of Houston's Top Scriptwriters and former Univ. of Houston Screenwriting Professor EJ Nolan.  

NOTE: For venues 25 miles or more from Houston City Hall there is a $2 per mile fuel fee. 

Get a quote now at 281 300-8515 or email EJ.Nolan@Comcast.net.


How Can I Prepare for Murder?
Select one of your colleagues to be a "Guest Suspect." 
It's a lot of fun and only requires a sense of humor, and a willingness to talk in front of people. 

We'd like you to supply us with information on about 6 or 8 of the guests so we can work their information into the scenario.
Also we should have a "Green Room" of sorts, preferably with a table and chairs where we can store our props, clues and wardrobe and where we can go during breaks.
We'll supply you with a 4-page Master Mystery Packet.  You can dress that up to match your theme and provide one copy for each guest.  There should be pens or pencils at the tables so they can fill out their Solution ballots.

There's Music, Singing, Dancing and you can "Get into the Act!"

What Do You Mean by "Interactive?"
We don't perform on a stage.  We move around the room, interacting with participants, performing at the tables, dropping clues and allowing guests to ask questions and make accusations. You get to participate in the fun, by getting up to sing a song, dance in a Chorus Line, or Audition to be in a Hollywood Movie Screen Test.  Guests can confront the actors and those who pay attention will be rewarded with "inside information" they can use to solve the Mystery. Team Members share clues, put their heads together and collaborate to solve the crime.
Near the end of the mystery each Team selects a Spokesperson who stands up to say "Here's Our Theory..."  These are often hilarious interpretations, spiced with inside jokes accusing colleagues and getting everyone involved.

WE perform Downtown, Houston, Galveston, Clear Lake, Friendswood, The Woodlands, Humble, Tomball, Katy, Conroe Kemah - everywhere!

Where Does "Die Laughing" Perform?
Since we can perform for Private Parties at any venue, we do not currently have an ongoing show at a specific venue.  However, we can help arrange  your event at one of the fine venues where we have performed.
We can provide a video of a past show or you can drop in during a performance for another client, with their permission.

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What works better - Buffet or Sit-Down Meal?
A sit-down meal works best but we can work with whatever you choose.  With a buffet, everyone gets up at once and finishes in a hurry.  A sit-down meal, with it's waiting between courses gives our actors more time to interact with guests.

If you’re looking for a Houston Murder Mystery, Houston mystery buffs love Die Laughing Mysteries, whether it’s a Murder Mystery Dinner, a company Mystery Party, Houston’s favorite Mystery Theater is Die Laughing! Our Mystery Parties are to die for!  We’ll help you plan your Houston Murder Mystery Dinner, Corporate Mystery Parties or Team Building events!

Prime dates are going fast!
Call now to check our availability
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